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Who We Are:

Maryvincent Excellent School is a government approved crèche; nursery and primary school located at #1 Maryvincent Nnamdi Drive Nkwelle Bypass, Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi L.G.A. Anambra State Nigeria. We provide best school teachers, standard teaching equipment and conducive learning environment needed for your child to acquire quality elementary education.

Enroll your children into Maryvincent Excellent School today and help them achieve the most brilliant academic success; and come out with flying colors in the forthcoming common entrance examinations. We accept registration into nursery and primary classes, and can take good care of your little kids while you’re away for the day’s work or business.

Benefits of Maryvincent School:


We offer the Best School Teachers, Standard Teaching Equipment and Conducive Learning Environment you need to provide Quality Education for Your Children.

Crèche/Play Ground

We take care of your little babies, kids or toddlers while you’re away for the day's work or business.

Nursery School

Our nursery school and play ground provide safe learning space for early child education.

Primary School

Our primary school is designed to give your child that compulsory elementary education needed.

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our Management team


Nnaji Ifeoma​

Head Teacher

Mrs. Nnaji Ifeoma is a passionate teacher that won’t give any slack.


Ikechukwu Ezechukwu​

Managing Director

Ikechukwu has a Degree in both Computer Science and Education. 


Jennifer Chukwu​

School Receptionist

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Jennifer is the one. 

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Best Nursery & Primary School in Nkwelle

Enroll your kinds into our crèche, nursery or primary school today and help them achieve the most brilliant academic success. With qualified teachers, well equipped classrooms and school libraries, we make sure that our students attain the same level of training, knowledge and understanding they need for today’s school grading and common entrance examinations.

School hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am - 4:15 pm hours
(School closes by 2:00 pm hours)
Every Friday.

We are here:

#1 Maryvincent Nnamdi Drive Nkwelle Bypass, Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi L.G.A. Anambra State Nigeria.
Phone: 08143178308, 08030968034.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a learning institution that takes children from zero to a point of zenith in their academic journey? Maryvincent Excellent School is the answer to your search.

We’re the warehouse of knowledge and headquarter of academic excellent in Nkwelle Ezunaka, Onitsha and its environs.

At Maryvincent Excellent School, a child’s hidden talents and potentials are uncovered and developed for global recognition, life contributions and universal benefits.

“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” ~said Maria Montessori.

Maryvincent Excellent School runs a Montessori-inspired school curriculums and programs that are designed to equip the children with the essential skills necessary to be independent learners.

Our students are taught how to prioritize their course-works, budget time appropriately, and ask for help when they needed assistance. These critical skills prepare them to be successful students in their future educational pursuits.

Maryvincent Excellent School is committed to making high-quality childhood education accessible for all families and individuals regardless of their financial situations. We have standard school buses that run within and outside Nkwelle Town. Therefore, there is no impediment in mobility for the young students.

To describe our teachers as competent is an expression of confidence. Our teachers are products of skilled academic expertise in different fields. They pay special attention to our children’s educational traits and deliver excellent results that go beyond the boundary of classroom teaching.

Maryvincent Excellent School also has numerous sports and recreational facilities like: table tennis board, basketball court, and football field that make the school a fun environment.

Moreover, the quality and standard of the academic services rendered by the school is far higher than any financial cost involved in the enrollment process. Spending resources toward child’s education earlier in life is much more fiscally better than paying later to help a struggling child catch up.

Our teachers are well trained; friendly, modest, intelligent, goal- oriented, and possesses both the required academic and moral qualifications to transform your child into best resource personality.

Contact us today for more information. We teach, we train, we inspire and we nurture future champions in different areas of life and academic endeavourers.

As a parent, you need to understand what to expect from your child at each stage of his or her academic development? Young students can be anxious, especially if they are new to attending school. Parents also have to worry about leaving their children behind for strange faces within the school.

However, Maryvincent Excellent School is an exceptional place where each child matters a lot and cannot be missed out. It’s a place where we nurture and grow our pupils to become future leaders of tomorrow. We have a secured and conducive learning environment, glamorous classrooms, and exclusive playground to keep your child busy and excited throughout the day.

Other learning facilities include book library and internet connected computer room. Also, we have well equipped sickbay, fascinating game fields, reception desk and well trained and handpicked teachers with years of experience and passion to take care of young children.

Studies show that high-quality early childhood education can lead to a child’s continued success later in schools, at work, and to better societal living. Thus, our teachers and supervisors have the most rewarding and yet difficult jobs they do.

In addition to intensive classroom training and assignments, they are also in charge of preparing our young minds for the future challenges and opportunities they discover as they embark on their educational careers. Think of us as a team of elementary school educators who understands early child education principles very well; and use modern school curriculums to ensure you child success – no matter the class.

Here at Maryvincent Excellent School, our school opening time is 7am starting from Mondays – Thursdays. And we close by 4:15pm.

On Fridays, our school opening hour is still 7am. While our closing time is by 2pm. Because our students are known for punctuality, parents are therefore advised to help their children avoid habitual lateness.

At Maryvincent Excellent School, we do not release any of our students to anybody whatsoever without the prior consent of the parents involved.

However, if for any reason you (parent or guardian) have decided to send someone else to pickup or drop-off your kids; kindly let the school management be aware of such arrangements.

In that case, such a person should come with his/her valid means identification, like National Identity Card or Driver’s License for easy verification.

He or she should also come with an identity card of the child in question and be able to provide knowledgeable information for easy clarifications.

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Parents Testimonials

Maryvincent School is the best Crèche, Nursery and Primary School in Nkwelle that can guarantee excellent class and common entrance exam performance for their students.
I urge more parents to enroll their children into this great school which started with a good pace and is now capable of giving your kids the exceptional quality education they need.
Maryvincent Excellent School is an exceptional place where each child matters and cannot be missed out. The school nurture and grown pupils to be future leaders of tomorrow.
This school is an institution with great vision and excellent mission. They improved my child in both character and learning – these are what made him a competent child today.