Maryvincent Excellent School is a perfect citadel of learning that commands unbeatable learning facilities and teaching strengths. Our school is located at #1 Maryvincent Nnamdi Drive Nkwelle Bypass, Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State Nigeria.

Maryvincent School has the capable hands and necessary facility that can enhance your children’s learning abilities and promote their intellectual strengths. We operate on a rare academic standard that an average child could be transformed to an exceptional academic genius.

Our students are logical with mathematics and are uncommon speakers of modern and correct English language. We hire qualified staff members that are specialists in different academic disciplines – be it Mathematics, English, Fine art, Science, or guidance and counseling. Thus, we put your child’s academic competence and life experience in assurance.

Don’t just take our words for it, enroll your child into Maryvincent Excellent School today and watch your child manifest uncommon academic excellence in all subjects. We represent Excellence in our academic exploits!


Why Choose Maryvincent Excellent School

#1. Modern School Curriculums

If you’re considering the truism that the world is becoming a global community with technology driven individual and ideas, then Maryvincent Excellent School is one of the best nursery and primary school in Nkwelle Ezunaka and its’ environ that implements modern learning methodologies in both theory and practical school curriculums.

#2. Standard Classrooms & Library

Our standard and spacious classrooms and library are built to ensure good lightening systems, comfortable seats, chairs and cross ventilation. They are installed with close circuit cameras (CCTVs) to monitor students’ activities, avoid intruders and closely supervise teachers’ works during and after class hours.

#3. Sound Security & School Buses

We took it as a point of duty to screen, select and hire the best drivers to pilot our pupils every day. Our mechanically sound school buses are there to pick up and drop off your kids at their respective homes or bus stops. Again, we have well trained security personnel that carry our 25/7 surveillance within the school premises.

#4. Sports & Recreational Facilities

At Maryvincent Excellent School, we believe that “too much work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. For this, we have white internet projector boards, standard football field, tennis/basket ball pitches and other sports and recreational facilities in the school premises so as to make the learning process fun!