Childhood Parenting & Responsibilities

Childhood Parenting & Responsibilities

Parenting is arguably one of the most challenging but fulfilling responsibilities in human relationships. It’s challenging because the children we are parenting totally depend on us for all their needs and this takes up all our energy, time, talent and resources.

Nevertheless, childhood parenting is fulfilling because it is deeply satisfying to care for our progeny and watch them wax strong and grow into responsible adults.

By definition, parenting is the process of caring for children by a parent. Different aspects of parenting responsibilities include physical, moral, emotional, spiritual and educational/academic parenting.

In today’s world, male and female parents are too busy making ends meet, and as such cannot provide all that their children need in order to grow into well adjusted and intelligent adults.

That is where Montessori-inspired school, like Maryvincent Excellent School comes in. Such modern day schools help in providing the above needs in the upbringing of the children.

In other words, a standard school should in addition to academic work, cater for spiritual, moral and emotional training of the boy or girl child. As a result, our curriculum and instruction plans do not only put the afore-mentioned into consideration but make them priorities.

The result is that the school stands in the gap for children to make up for the gaps created by the constraint of time on parents.

At MVES, we are able, qualified, willing and well-equipped to co-parent with you, in order to give your children the opportunity to be the best version of themselves; by ensuring self reliant, God fearing, result oriented, morally sound and qualified academic pursuit of any career of their choice.

By Rosemary Nwobodo.

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Maryvincent Excellent School Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi LGA Anambra State Nigeria.

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