An Excellent School in Anambra State

An Excellent School in Anambra State

Maryvincent Excellent School, a school divinely orchestrated by Almighty God. For sure, God is the foundation of this excellent school and we will never fail to give Him all the glory for actualizing this great vision which was born by Mrs. Asiegbu Ijeoma.

Of a truth, when the foundation is right, nothing can uproot the edifice. This is the story of M.V.E.S. Believe me, God is the foundation.

Maryvincent Excellent School is a home, a family, a school, an academic institution and a training ground where champions are nurtured for greater tomorrow.

This school has a safe, beautiful, serene and conducive learning environment for our children to learn, work and play.

There are so many learning facilities put in place for the betterment of our children. Of a truth, M.V.E.S. is a beautiful school with a welcoming and warm ambience; the place to be. There is none like it.

For character moulding, good moral values and positive changes; for present and future challenges, for the child you love, you can count on Maryvincent Excellent School. We are the better among equals.

By Mrs Nnaji Ifeoma


Maryvincent School

Maryvincent Excellent School Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi LGA Anambra State Nigeria.

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