What is a School in Nigeria?

What is a School in Nigeria?

A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and environments for the teaching of pupils under the direction of teachers.

There are systems of schools through which pupils pass and progress in learning. These systems generally include: primary schools for young children, secondary schools for teenagers and adolescents who have completed primary school and Higher Institutions (College or University) where higher education is obtained.

In addition to these, pupils may also attend school before going to primary schools, this is where Kindergarten or preschool which provide some kind of schooling to very young children (ages 3 – 5).

A school may come in three forms:

  1. The State/Government Schools
  2. The Private Schools
  3. Mission Schools.

A government owned school is a school whose affairs are run by the government. Private Schools are owned and run by individuals. The private schools come in when the state schools do not meet the educational needs of the nation.

In the same vein, mission schools are owned by churches to help imbibe high moral values through religious teachings while providing education that is more standard than that of the state.

Broadly, the purpose of school (education) is preparing pupils/students for lives in the world and this may include studies and experiences relevant to personal, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development; work, vocation and employment, citizenship and community involvement and creativity, aesthetic appreciation and cultural awareness.

As a parent, the choice of the right school for your child will depend on what you desire for that child, the environment and the class of schools in your city of residence. And a wrong choice may put your child at a disadvantage for life.

Schools vary in different class and the class determines what they offer a child in the child’s formative and it takes an outstanding school to provide all round education which promotes a child’s all round growth and development.

By Ogbonnaya, Ifunanya.

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